Finding an Initial Idea to Write a Novel

Finding an Initial Idea to Write a Novel

Recently, I was surprised when someone told me they would love to write a novel, but did not think they would be able to come up with a good enough idea. I hate to think of talent being halted before it even gets going and it was this that inspired me to write this blog. Continue reading “Finding an Initial Idea to Write a Novel”

Effective Book Marketing

Book Marketing

Why Your Novel Is Not Selling

If your book is not selling, the chances are you have made a common mistake and are not marketing it correctly. Book marketing is one of the first things you can consider even before you have written your book, in order to start building an author platform.

A book marketer’s mindset is very different to that of a writer’s and it requires different skills. Fortunately, technology these days means you can utilise your writing skills to market your book. Whilst it would be great if you could let others take care of the book marketing for you and let the sales come pouring in, in reality it doesn’t happen that way. Continue reading “Effective Book Marketing”

Establishing Your Credibility as a Self-Help Specialist

Establishing Your Credibility as a Self-Help Specialist

Write a Self-Help Book
How to Write a Self-Help Book Fast!

Readers and publishers want to know that the author of a self-help book is an authority on the subject. For this reason it is best to write about topics you have qualifications for or unique experience in. Continue reading “Establishing Your Credibility as a Self-Help Specialist”

Avoiding Split Infinitives in Your Writing

Split Infinitives

Part of the Award-Winning My Guide Series of Self-Help Books

When writing a book you should avoid inserting split infinitives as this is one of the keys to great writing.

And all dared to brave unknown terrors, to do mighty deeds, to boldly split infinitives that no man had split before – and thus was the Empire forged.

Douglas Adams

Splitting an infinitive means inserting a word or phrase between the word to and the verb. A split infinitive is when the word to is separated from the infinitive by an adverb. The most famous example we can use, which sounds clumsy, is from Star Trek: Continue reading “Avoiding Split Infinitives in Your Writing”

Read Widely When Writing a Novel

The Importance of Reading Widely When Writing a Novel

Reading widely can improve your writing. If you are wondering how to write a novel and are struggling even to contemplate where to begin, start by reading other books. That may sound strange, but what we are suggesting is reading not just to enjoy the story, but also to study the writing style. Continue reading “Read Widely When Writing a Novel”

Self-Help Topics That Sell Books

Self-Help Topics That Sell Books

If you are unsure what to write about, it is worth considering that most bestselling books cover a few major self-help topics:

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  • business
  • personal finance
  • health (including weight loss)
  • practical psychology
  • personal improvement
  • relationships

The reasons for this are quite simple – the three biggest desires most people have are: Continue reading “Self-Help Topics That Sell Books”

Adverbs Unravelled

Adverbs Unravelled

Following on from a previous post on verbs, an adverb is a word or phrase that modifies the meaning of an adjective, verb or other adverb, expressing manner (swiftly, easily, gently), place (everywhere, here, there), time (daily, never, now, early, late) or degree (farthest, least, always, very, most, really). An adverb tells us when, where, how, in what manner or to what extent a certain action is performed, often identified by the suffix –ly, although not always: Continue reading “Adverbs Unravelled”

Market Your Book to Increase Sales

Market Your Book Or Watch It Die

Why did you write a book if you don’t intend to promote it and sell copies? Perhaps you want to actively market your book but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you are trying hard to promote your book but lack direction and focus. Books that are not marketed proactively simply fade away and die, so during the coming months we hope to inspire and motivate you to market your book via this blog. Continue reading “Market Your Book to Increase Sales”

Verb Usage Unravelled

Verb Usage Unravelled

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A Verb is a ‘doing’ word. These can appear in different forms: active and passive – showing or telling:

  • It was hot (telling).
  • Carol sweltered in the heat (showing).

The latter will make your writing more positive and vivid, creating mental pictures for the reader, forcing them to become involved in and participate in the story, rather than taking in information passively. For example, being told someone’s age or describing something as a list (he did this, then he did that, then he did the other) appears more as an instruction: Continue reading “Verb Usage Unravelled”

A Great Book Cover Can Help Maximise Sales

A Great Book Cover Can Help Sell Your Book

A well-designed book cover or jacket is a marketing tool you should be using to your advantage. To coin a well-oiled phrase, like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover and in addition to the title, this is the first thing people will see. It therefore needs to be something that will attract attention and thereby potential readers. Continue reading “A Great Book Cover Can Help Maximise Sales”